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The url shortener service, which pays you with a high rate.

So, what is Shortener.ID?

Shortener.ID is a free website url Shortener service that pays its members with high rate through TopUp Pulsa, Bank Transfer and PayPal. Shortener.ID also has a 24-hour automatic payment system*.

In Shortener.ID, you do not have to wait long to withdraw payments, Shortener.ID team processes payment withdrawal within 48 hours via Bank Transfer and Paypal. And automatic 24 hours if through TopUp Pulsa.

How Shortener.ID Works

If you have a link / url and you will share it, for example in blog or in social media. You can make money from those links.

How?. Sign up to Shortener.ID, Shorten Url then share, from any views from the click of the link you shared previously shortened using your Shortener.ID service will be paid.

Shortener.ID also provides features to shorten your urls quickly, such as, Quick Shortener, Mass Shortener and Page API Script. So if you have a lot of urls you want to shorten, with these features you can do it in just a few seconds.

Shortener.ID Features

  • 24-hour automatic payment for TopUp Pulsa
  • Withdrawal of payment within 48 hours for Bank Transfer & PayPal
  • Shortener.ID support team is always ready to help
  • High rate based on User Level

Do not hesitate, prove it now and start earning money from your links.

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